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Buying A New Plate?

Please read the information below before purchasing your new registration mark!

You can expect to receive your signed V750 (Certificate of Entitlement) with the name you require added as the nominee within 5 days. If you intend to assign the registration to your existing vehicle the nominee name has to be the same as the registered keeper on your V5C. If you are buying a new vehicle in your own name again the nominee has to be the same. However, if you were registering the vehicle through a business you would need to add the business name as the nominee.

You can then either assign it to a vehicle, or, keep it on retention as many investment clients do, for a profitable future sale. If you decide to keep it on retention you will have to pay a £25 fee on a yearly basis.

If you want to assign it to your vehicle, you will have to take the V750 along with your Registration Certificate V5C, and the car tax disc to your local DVLA office. They will organise all the paperwork there and then at no cost as the assignment fee is included in the purchase price.

If you are assigning the registration mark to a new vehicle you will need to give the V750 to the dealership you are buying from, and they will organise the assignment.

When assigning a number to a vehicle the basic rule to remember is that you may not transfer a registration mark to any vehicle if the vehicle itself is older than the year indicated by the indicator numbers or letter on the plate. For example, a car that originally bore an ‘F’ prefix plate may not display a ‘V’ prefix plate as that would falsely make the vehicle appear younger than it is. You are not allowed to make an old vehicle look newer than it is, but you can put an older plate on a new car. For more information our rules page!

To find your local DVLA office, click here.

Buying A New Plate?

Once you have purchased your registration we will send you a Certificate of Entitlement (V750). You won't have to pay any extra fees. We sort out all of the nominee, assignment fees and paperwork for you. When you receive your V750, keep it safe, as this is the form you will need when you are ready to assign the number to your car.